BE Civil

Bachelor of Civil Engineering is a four year program, with eight semesters. The course enhances the theoretical and practical knowledge of the planning, designing, constructing and maintaining of the physical infrastructures and natural environment. Civil Engineering includes structural analysis, engineering materials, hydrology, irrigation, hydropower, fluid mechanics, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, geology, water supply, sanitary, transportation engineering and so on. After holding the degree, the graduates are qualified in the fields like all kinds of roads, bridges, tunnel, canals, buildings, parks, sports complexes.

Advancement of Career

Holding the degree the graduates will be involved in our wide range at public and private sectors. They will get a number of posts and responsibilities in infrastructure realm like bridge, building, airport, irrigation, hydropower, tunneling and so on.

Head, Department of Civil Engineering

Heartly welcome to Department of Civil Engineering of College of Engineering and Management.The department is committed to provide students with strong and high quality education inculcating qualified engineers required for the holistic development of the nation and abroad. The department is well equipped with laboratories and other required facilities. Practical and project based pedagogical approaches are applied so as to enable the graduate professionals to exist in any sort situation.Student enjoy the regular visits based on their curriculum and scope of the study. The department faculty members possess highly acclaimed staff enthusiastic for enshaping and nurturing the caliber of students.


Career Opportunities for Civil Engineering Graduate

  • Civil Engineer as Planner

  • Civil Engineer as Construction Project  Manager

  • Civil Engineer as Site Supervisor

  • Civil Engineer as Designer

  • Civil Engineer as Decision Maker

  • Civil Engineer asQuantity Surveyor